DS-Queen (1)

Tanning Lotion

Royal Jelly, the rare saccharine sap of honey bees, offers new meaning to the term “fit for a queen”! Nourished solely with ample amounts of this regal jelly for the first four days of its growth, the queen bee is transformed; enveloping the capacity to live up to 40 times longer than a worker bee and in essence… given the ultimate royal treatment. Based on its rich and complex composition, royal bee jelly is used in many main stream beauty products promoting its ability to reduce stress, nourish the skin, and provide a healthy, youthful glow.

16 (XVI) Bronzing Blend
Mega Melamax™
Opti-Glow™ Blend
Royal Jelly
Fragrance: Citrus Honeysuckle
13.5 oz/ 0.5 oz

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