Tanses T-32

10-minute, 160W canopy and bench model
12-minute, high-output version
15-minute versatile version that consumes only 8 cents of power for a 15-minute session to deliver the maximum 4 MED tanning dosage
20- to 25-minute long session times also available
All new-age, high-efficiency facials

All beds are equipped with stainless steel side consoles with built-in body fans
All T-32s are stretch versions with 87” long tanning surfaces for professional salons
Extra-long-life German-made ballasts are rated for 50,000 hours of life expectancy
All ballasts are placed in self-cooling heat sinks that allow cooling of the components — even between sessions
Easy-to-replace gas springs are designed for extra long life
The lowest acrylic costs in the industry with all-flat-cut flex to fit in place

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