SUN SUPPLIES carries assorted replacement parts for various beds. We have everything for all Tanses equipment. Unfortunately, other bed brands and styles are hard to get parts for so please contact for availability on stocked items.

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to ship/mail tanning lamps due to carrier insurance restrictions. Some shipping options are available within Alberta when a full case of 25 lamps are purchased. All lamps that are able to be shipped are final sale. Please contact us for more details.



Box 01-380N Sunquest-4 Available 

Box 02-700N Alisun/Sunquest-9 Available 

Box 03-500N Sunal-1 Available 

Box 04-650N Sunal-4 Available 

Box 05-560N Silver Solarium-4 Available 

Box 06-450N Sunal Post-1987-4 Available 

Box 07-450N Sunal Pre-1987-2 Available 

Box 08-520N Sunal-2 Available 

Box 09-660N Sunal-5 Available 

Box 10-Tanses Shock-10 Available 

Box 11-500N Sunquest/Sunvision-7 Available 

Box 12-600N Reifenburg-3 Available 

Box 13-950N Pro Sun-2 Available 

Box 14-320N Palm Springs-3 Available 

Box 15-650N Sunal -2 Available (Added to list) 

Box 16-300N JK Soltron-2 Available 

Box 17-625N Pro Sun-2 Available 

Box 18-1100N (1000N) Pro Sun-4 Available 

Box 19-470N Silver Solarium-4 Available 

Box 20-650N Sunquest (Large/Small)-1 Large / 2 Small Avail 


Box 21-350N Sunquest-2 Available 

Box 22-1300N SonnenBraune-2 Available 

Box 23-450N Sunvision-2 Available 

Box 24-450N Sunquest (Large/Small)-1 Large / 1 Small Available 

Box 25-400N Sunquest/Sunvision-2 Available 

Box 26-410N Garda Sun Proline-3 Available 

Box 27-550N Sunquest (Large/Small)-2 Large / 1 Small Available  

Box 28-396N Sunquest-2 Available 

Box 29-700N Sunquest-4 Available 

Box 30-420N JK Soltron-1 Available 

Box 31-700N Solona 28 Sunflower-4 Available 

Box 32-600N SonnenBraune 7 -14 Available 

Box 33-660N Hahan-5 Available (Added to list) 

Box 34-800N SCA-6 Available 

Box 35-600N Klafsun (Large/Small)-3 Large / 1 Small Available  

Box 36-630N SonnenBraune (Lrg/Sml)-2 Large / 2 Small Available 

Box 37-490n Montego Bay (Lrg/Sml)-1 Large / 4 Small Available 

Box 38-490N SonnenBraune-2 Available

Box 39-500N Montego Bay-3 Available 

Box 40MISC. 

  •        750N SonnenBraune-1 Available 
  •        380N Sunquest (Small)-1 Available 
  •        Blank: No info on Shock-1 Available

Lamps: We usually always have these in stock. 

7150 Midday(Bi-Pin) 100W -158 Available 

7165 Beach Sun(Bi-Pin) 100W -1     Available 

71 _ _Signature Series Plus (Bi-Pin)160W -81   Available 

** All Lamps are finale sale 

Misc. Lamps:First come, First Serve…BIG DISCOUNTS!  

5965 Beach Sun(Bi-Pin)80W-4   Available  

5975 Desert Sun(Bi-Pin)80W-6   Available 

5975 Voltarc GTX Series(Bi-Pin)85W-32 Available 

5985 Equator Sun(Bi-Pin)80W-6   Available 

5985 Voltarc(Bi-Pin)85W-3   Available 

7165 Voltarc GTX Series(Bi-Pin)100W-2   Available 

7250 Midday Sun(RDC)W-13 Available 

72_ _Rave(RDC)W-33 Available 

7285 Equator Sun(RDC)W-16 Available 

7385 Voltarc GTX Series(Bi-Pin)100W-2   Available 

7375 Desert Sun(RDC)160W-2   Available 

7385 Equator Sun XL(RDC)100W-2   Available 

73 _ _ Heraeus Magic Sun 20(RDC)100W-7   Available 

7350 Midday Sun(RDC)100W-12 Available 

** All Lamps are final sale 



25 Watt – 100 Watt 

120 Watt – 180 Watt 


T-44 Top(1 Available In-store) 

U-32 Top (1 Available In-store) 

U-32 Bottom(3 Available In-store) 

T-32 Bottom(3 Available In-store) 

* Please note that these are not all the Acrylic we are able to get in. Call for estimate. 


Tanses Shocks

*We also have MISC. Shocks if the kind you are looking for is not on this list give us a call and we will see if we have the kind of lamps you need for your tanning unit. 

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Pro Tan

Love Me Collection:

All About that Base   -  Accelerator

Summer Sweetheart  -  Accelerator

Protan Hypoallergenic  -  Hypo. Accelerator

Protan Hypoallergenic N.B   -  Hypo. Natural Bronzer

Beach Bliss   - Natural Bronzer

Wildly Dark Summer   -   Bronzer

All About that Face   -   Face Bronzer


Beaches and Crème Collection:

Beaches and Crème Butter  -  Intensifier

Beaches and Crème Gelee  - Intensifier

Beaches and Crème N.B Butter  - Natural Bronzer

Beaches and Crème Black Bronze -   Bronzer

Beaches and Crème Hot    -  Tingle


Protan for Men Collection:

Men’s Maximizer  -   Maximizer

Men’s Natural Bronzer - Natural Bronzer

Men’s Dark Bronzer  -  Bronzer



Emerald Bay

Definitely Dark      -      Intensifier

Beach Daze     -     Intensifier

Dark Escape      -       Hypo Intensifier

Tropical Blush       -     Bronzer

Mojo      -       2x Tingle


Australian Gold


G-Gentlemen Collection:

Limited edition Intensifier                                Intensifier                   

Natural Bronzer                                                Natural Bronzer           

Black Bronzer                                                   Bronzer

Tan Extender                                                    Tan Extender

JWOWWJwoww Collection:

Fearless                                                            Intensifier

One and Done Intensifier                                  Intensifier

Reality Check                                                   Natural Bronzer           

Relentless                                                        Bronzer  

Fit Goals                                                           Bronzer

One and Done White Bronzers                         White Bronzer            

Love of my Life                                                 White Bronzer

Midnight Delight                                              Warming Bronzer

Mad Hot Tingle Bronzer                                    Tingle

AUSTRALIAN GOLDIconic Collection:

Accelerator                                                      Accelerator

Accelerator Extreme                                        Bronzing Accelerator

Cheeky Brown                                                  Bronzing Accelerator               

Sinfully Black                                                    15x Bronzer     

Eye Candy                                                         15x Bronzer

Color Binge                                                      20x Bronzer

Deviously Dark                                                 10x Bronzer

Daringly Black                                                   25x Bronzer     

Dark Side                                                          30x Bronzer

Adorable Black                                                 35x Bronzer

Hardcore Black                                                 30x Bronzer                 

Deviously Black                                                 45x Bronzer                 

Heated - Disc.                                                   Tingle              

Pure Heat                                                         Tinge

Dark Legs                                                          Leg Bronzer

Forever After                                                    Tan Extender

Smooth Faces                                                   Hypo. Face Intensifier

AUSTRALIAN GOLDOutback Collection:                                           

Totally Beachin’                                                Hypo. Intensifier

Sol Struck                                                         Natural Bronzer

Wandering Sol                                                  Natural Bronzer

Beachin’ Life                                                    Hypo. Bronzer

Summer Love                                                   Bronzer

Making Waves                                                  Bronzer

Force of Nature                                                Bronzer

Pretty Fierce                                                    Bronzer

Run Wild                                                          Bronzer


Designer Skin                                        designer skin

Miracle B Collection:

Vanish                                                              Intensifier

Naked Ambition                                               Natural Bronzer

Cirque                                                              Bronzer

Command                                                        Bronzer

FanFare                                                            Bronzer

Worship Worthy                                               Bronzer

Escapade                                                          Cooling Bronzer

Steamy Confessions                                          Warming Bronzer

Bombshell                                                        100x Tingle     

Modern Bombshell                                           300x Tingle


Miracle A Collection:

Belle                                                                Natural Bronzer           

Cherish                                                            12x Bronzer

14Karat Gold Rush                                            14x Bronzer

Provoked                                                         15x Bronzer  

Envious                                                            19x Bronzer     

Splurge                                                            19x Bronzer

designer skinMiracle Juice Collection:

Juicy Gossip                                                      Intensifier

Color Bomb                                                      12x Bronzer

Juicy Desire                                                      18x Bronzer

Fiesta Sun                                              

FIESTA SUNFruity Sensations:

Dragon Fruit Frenzy                                          Maximizer       

Coconut Dream                                                  15x Bronzer     

Kiwi Kapow                                                        20x Bronzer

Black Cherry Crush                                             50x Bronzer

Blackberry Blast                                                 25x Bronzer

Honey Berry Buzz                                               50x Bronzer

Strawberry Banana Breeze                                50x Cooling Bronzer

Mango Melt                                                     Tingle


Sea’s Collection:

You Me and the Sea                                          Intensifier

Sea’s You Later                                                 Natural Bronzer

Sea’s the Day                                                    Bronzer


Spray Tan Solutions                          


Norvell Venetian                                             

Norvell Dark                                                    

Norvell Double Dark                                        

Norvell Face



SUPRE TANTan Culture:

Beauty and the Beach                                       Bronzer

Namaste at the Beach                                      Bronzer

Booty Bronze                                                    Bronzer

Hello Weekend                                                Bronzer

SUPRA TANDominations Collection:

Sports Maximizer                                              Maximizer       

Sports Bronzer                                                  Bronzer

SUPRA TANSnooki Collection:

Sun & Seaside                                                   Intensifier       

My Beaches                                                      Bronzer

Bronze Shores                                                  Bronzer

Almost Paradise                                                Bronzer

SUPRE TAN#Collection:
Bestie                                                              Maximizer       

#MyBae                                                            Natural Bronzer

Photo Bomb                                                     Bronzer

Selfie                                                               Bronzer

#LoveSunny                                                     Bronzer

#TanGoals                                                        Bronzer

#ThatTanTho                                                    Bronzer

Swedish Beauty     

SWEDISH BEAUTY                             

Shades of Pink Collection:

Pink Dream                                                      10x Intensifier

Pink Cabana                                                      15x Bronzer 

Pink & Proper                                                   20x Bronzer     

Pink Party                                                         25x Bronzer

Pink Surf                                                           40x White Bronzer

Pink Diamond                                                   Tingle              

SWEDISH BEAUTYLove Boho Collection:

Gypsy Soul Intensifier                                       Intensifier

Rebel Chic Natural Bronzer                               Natural Bronzer

Haute Hippie Bronzer                                       Bronzer

Free Spirit Tan Extender                                    Tan Extender                 

Girlfriend Sexy Face                                          Face Bronzer